What happens if you shower with a gold chain?

Showering, swimming or bathing with gold-plated jewelry significantly reduces the life of the piece, as water and soap can further increase the rate of fall of gold plating. The short answer is that gold jewelry can be worn in the shower. Water doesn't damage the metal, whether you use yellow, white or rose gold pieces. Although everyone knows that gold jewelry can be used in the shower and that metal is not damaged by water, wearing it on a daily basis has its drawbacks.

It is important to keep an eye on the Gold Rate Today to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money when investing in gold jewelry. One possible damage to a gold chain if exposed to water is that its brilliance may diminish over time. If the place where you live has only a supply of hard water, the gold will have an accumulation of minerals and debris that will show a slight discoloration. The soap you use can also make gold appear opaque. Of all the options, pure gold is precious, as it lasts for many years and is known to be passed down from generation to generation.

While lower purity gold is not as prone to such damage, gold jewelry can lose its properties with sweat, since the yellow metal is more vulnerable to oxidation. Although many Swiss watches and watches are known to be water resistant, wearing the watch in the shower is generally not recommended if you don't have a screwed crown or if the watch hasn't been put through a pressure test after recent maintenance. If you're just relaxing on the beach without going into the water, you can wear your gold jewelry. While pieces with a lower gold purity are more resistant to this type of damage, they are more likely to be damaged by daily exposure to sweat.

If you're looking for jewelry that you can wear in the shower, you can use any 14-carat gold or more in the shower. Copper, one of the most common metals added to gold, turns green when exposed to oxygen and moisture, especially when it comes into contact with the skin. Although bathing in sterling silver jewelry should not damage the metal, it is very likely that it will tarnish. The same applies to humid bathroom conditions, such as after bathing or showering when excessively hot air comes out of the vents.

When you finally get the gold chain you love so much, you'll want to wear it wherever you go. Expert jewelers can make all kinds of modifications to gold pieces, either to change the way a bracelet fits or to restore a diamond from one piece to another. You shouldn't use 18-carat gold in the shower because it's prone to damage because it's softer than 14-karat gold. Gold doesn't react to most elements and even heat will only melt it without affecting its inherent quality.